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This may be my first presidential election where I vote for a candidate who is not running on either the Democrat or Republican ticket.  For a while I’ve swallowed the notion that even if I don’t particularly like the Republican candidate, if I didn’t vote for him, I’d be throwing my vote to the Democrat candidate and wouldn’t that be far worse?  That was certainly the case in the H.W. Bush vs. Clinton election and later in the Dole vs. Clinton election.  Then I actually did get excited about George W. Bush.  I wish I hadn’t.

Now it’s McCain vs. Obama and it’s the same thing.  Hold my nose and vote for McCain or throw my vote to Obama.  People like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity would tell me that McCain, even with his record that has been anything but conservative, will at least save the country from the horrible damage that Barack Obama would do should he get in office.  I really don’t think so.  I’ve come to the conclusion that for the most part it doesn’t matter who the President is and which party is in power.  There are sinister types in Washington (and elsewhere) who really run the country and who are working hard to undermine our national sovereingty, decimate our economy and our resources, and bring us under a collectivist world government.  Whether a Republican or Democrat wins this election (or any of the other ones), it will be business as usual for these people.  In fact, to make sure their agenda isn’t hampered in any way, they make sure only candidates who will go along with this are even given a chance–perhaps a big reason why Ron Paul wasn’t given the time of day by either the mainstream media or the right wing talk show types (who think they are such agents of change–give me a break!) even though he often came out in the top five in state primary elections.

So this time I wasn’t going to hold my nose and vote for one of them.  I was planning to vote for Ron Paul and when he pulled out I started reading Bob Barr’s web site, then recently I learned that Chuck Baldwin is also running and he looks promising too.  Maybe I’ll vote for Baldwin; maybe I’ll write in Ron Paul.  I wasn’t even going to pay attention to anything said at either the Democrat or Republican National Conventions.

Then along came Sarah Palin.  My husband first told me she was McCain’s pick for VP.  Then I logged onto the WordPress site and came across some random left wing blog which said Palin was an extremist.  OK, she’s pro-life, attends an Assemblies of God church, believes in the right to keep and bear arms, wants to drill for oil in Alaska while also pursuing alternative energy sources.  Sounds pretty good to me.  I’m getting intrigued by this Governor of Alaska.  Then I heard about the totally vicious media attacks on her family–not directly, mind you, I refuse to watch the mainstream TV networks because they do stuff like that all the time.  I think the best thing we can do with that kind of shoddy journalism is ignore it.  More and more information started coming out about Sarah Palin, to the point where I decided to tune into the RNC and listen to what she had to say.

I pointed my web browser to ustream.tv to catch the Wednesday night speeches.  I don’t need “coverage” of the speeches, just the speeches.  I really only wanted to hear Palin’s speech but of course I didn’t know exactly when she’d come on, so I had to hear parts of the other speeches.  The governor of Hawaii’s speech was pretty cool, mainly  because she told us more about Sarah Palin.  The other speeches postulated about freedom, family values, our rights as Americans, and it all sounded pretty good.  If only people would actually pursue those goals in Washington rather than merely save it up for the convention speeches.  If only so many people didn’t fall for it every time.

Finally Sarah Palin came on and I think the entire convention, not to mention the thirty-eight million remote viewers, fell in love with her.  I was certainly heading in that direction.  She comes across as a real sweetheart–real pretty and feminine–with the clear message that she’s not someone to be messed with.  She’ll take on corrupt politicians and the big oil companies, and she won’t give up until she gets what she wants.  I just loved the part where she put the private jet on eBay.  I wish I could have seen the auction.

The only thing that kept me in check from totally losing my head over Palin was that she had to keep saying good things about McCain.  I couldn’t help but wince.  I know VP candidates are supposed to do that for their running mates.  It’s not like I wanted her to slam McCain.  I just wished she could have ignored him altogether.  Evidently other attendees wished the same thing–although she got applause even when she praised McCain, the applause was more subdued than at other times when she was either talking about herself, her family, or taking shots at Obama.

After her speech was done I started to feel really torn about my previous resolution to not vote for McCain (voting for Obama was never an option).  I still don’t want to vote for McCain, but I really want to vote for Palin.  If anyone can take on the establishment in Washington, Sarah Palin might be able to pull it off.  I started having fantasies about her going toe to toe with McCain on some of the issues I know they disagree with.  Maybe she’ll uncover major corruption in Washington and expose it–and unlike previous instances of such things, not relent until said corruption is brought to an end.  I can just see the movie they’ll make of this:  Sarah Barracuda goes to Washington.

The next day I listened to over an hour of both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity because I wanted to hear them slober all over themselves, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I swear these days, when I tune in to these guys, it’s purely for entertainment.  It’s actually been very interesting and disturbing to listen to these guys trying to fawn over McCain, who they used to sharply criticize for good reason.  It’s like thirty years of McCain’s unfavorable legislative record is all gone just because he’s running for President and Obama must be stopped at all costs.  But after Palin’s convention speech, they went completely over the edge.  McCain is now the beacon of conservatism and freedom and they can’t get enough of him.  McCain made a brilliant political move in choosing Palin as his running mate because unlike him, she is someone the conservative base can get excited about and rally around.  It’s already happened.  All those people won’t be voting for McCain; they’ll be voting for Palin.  But they’re both on the ticket, so McCain gets the votes, and the four years as President.  I think it’s over for Obama.  Palin’s appearance dealt a death blow to his campaign and he’s starting to figure out what hit him, and making panicked calls to Hillary Clinton for help.  But as my husband keeps reminding me, only time will tell for sure.

So McCain will most likely get the votes and the power.  Then what will happen to Palin?  This is where it could get ugly.  It’s a pretty interesting dilema she’s in.  The vice president of the US has to toe the line of the president–he or she is really there as insurance in case the president dies on the job.  That’s what Palin will have to do once she takes office.  In order to survive in Washington, she’s going to have to keep quiet about the very issues that are causing the conservative base to rally around her.  It would be far better for her if she were on the top of the ticket.  On the other hand, given the treatment Ron Paul received, McCain is a real ticket inside.  Palin could be set up nicely to run for president in four years and people will be more than happy to vote for her.  But what happens in between?

I realize that there is some controversy surrounding Palin’s performance in Alaska as both mayor and governor, as in she may not be as wonderful as she now appears.  I’m not going to get into that for now because I don’t think it will make much difference other than to make the almost inevitable soul selling easier on her if the accusations are true.  If, as some have accused, Palin has already been bought by the Republican establishment, then she can just check that off her Washington to do list.  In the mean time I’m going to hold onto the assumption that at this time she’s everything we conservatives have dreamed about.

If McCain wins the election, she will have to go to Washington and be his VP.  Many have said that Washington DC is a den of vipers.  These vipers have goals and dreams for merging the United States into a collectivist world government.  Bush has far advanced that agenda during his eight years in office through all these secret arrangements with Canada and Mexico designed to create a North American regional government.  He has also used the War in Iraq as a way to flood our economy with lots of fiat money that has caused inflation that we’ve paid for by a loss of our purchasing power and the dangerous decline of the dollar we are now seeing.  These things hurt our country, and as a result, our national sovereingty, making us more vulnerable to being coopted by a regional, or even world, unelected government.  Much has been written on this alarming trend on such web sites as Freedom Force, so I won’t say any more, except that McCain appears to be committed to continuing this trend.  He is, after all, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which is made up of people who believe this sort of thing is a good idea.  As Vice President, Palin is going to have to go along with this.

Now, I’d like to believe that Sarah Barracuda will figure this out and take it on, as in put her foot down and do all she can to expose this and not let it happen.  I believe she’s capable of taking on great powers and she’s certainly willing to put herself on the line for what she considers to be right.  But let’s face it, she’s only one person.  These Washington vipers are powerfully entrenched, have great resources, and are not going to be intimidated by a fresh new face just because she knows how to shoot a moose for dinner, or because she once took her basketball team to the state championship.  They’re not even going to blink that as governor she took on the British Petroleum oil company.  This is a totally different league of power and corruption.  These people don’t think twice about wrecking someone’s career, reputation or life and they don’t have a twinge of conscience about doing far worse.

I’d like to believe Sarah Barracuda can take this all on and come through unscathed, and if she does become VP, believe me, I will be hoping and praying she does just that.  I’m just not sure that’s a reasonable expectation to place on anyone, even someone as accomplished as Palin.  I’d actually prefer she and McCain lose the election this time so she can run in 2012 as the president where she can have some real power to do some good.  For the first time I’m actually tempted to vote for Obama just because I’d want to spare Palin all that, but I have to recognize that she made the decision to run with McCain and she has to deal with that.  Ron Paul made it clear that should he be asked to be McCain’s VP, or any cabinet position, he would refuse.  He’s been in Washington for a long time and knows what he’s up against.  It may be a rude awakening for Palin.

So, despite the fact that I fell in love with Palin this past Wednesday evening just like practically every other conservative American, I won’t be voting for the McCain-Palin ticket.  Palin or not, I can’t support what McCain has done and wants to continue to do.  Furthermore I don’t want to have any responsibility in having sent her powerless to that den of vipers they call Washington DC.  But no matter what happens I will be rooting for her, and hoping that I and others who have written similar sentiments (see here and here for examples) are dead wrong.

Better get back to checking non-Republican and non-Democrat candidates.


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