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If I told you it was possible to watch commercials for money, weekly jackpot entries and points, would you believe me?Welcome to Varolo, the ad network that allows you to watch commercials for money. It’s completely free to join but the rewards can be huge. 

How Varolo Works

A lot of creativity went into developing the Varolo concept, but it’s really quite simple. Varolo members watch commercials online in exchange for rewards, including points, weekly jackpot entries, and to claim village earnings. The greatest and most consistent reward comes when you grow your village and get paid for all the ads the people in your village watch.  That’s when you get to watch commercials for money.Here’s what you need to do to get started: 

First, Join Varolo. It’s completely free for users.

Second, get familiar with Varolo’s website. You can easily learn all this by watching the informative videos available on Varolo’s website. Then play around in your member’s area, watch some ads, get a feel for how it works.

Third, Grow you villlage. This will be your most important mission as you can earn cash when your villagers watch ads. Start by inviting your friends, especially those who want to earn some extra money.

Fourth, stay updated on how to make the most of your Varolo membership. Visit my website Watch Ads for Money to get the latest updates as well as tips and tricks for growing your village, and special bonuses only available to my active villagers!

Why Varolo Works

Does the ability to watch commercials for money sound too good to be true? I understand your skepticism, so let me briefly explain why this is a real opportunity that is not too good to be true.Think back to the last time you saw a commercial on television. Did you actually sit down and watch it? Or did you leave the room to use the restroom or fix a snack? Even better, did you completely avoid the commercial and the interruption by using your DVR? 

If you avoided the commercial in some way you’re not alone. Advertisers have noticed they’re not getting their messages out to us as effectively as they used to. They’ve had to get creative. They found a solution in good old fashioned manners, also known as permission marketing. They now ask nicely and say please.

When you join Varolo and watch ads, you give the advertisers permission to show them to you. You confirm that you did indeed watch the entire ad and the advertiser is satisfied that you got the message.

Because you undoubtedly have better things to do with you time, Varolo has built rewards right into its system to entice you to take some time out of your day to watch commercials online.

The rewards include weekly jackpot entries, points which can be redeemed for prizes, and cash when the people you refer watch their ads.

How Varolo Pays You:  Your Varolo Village

The greatest achievement you will work towards is growing your Varolo Village. The week-in, week-out cash comes from the activities of the people in your village. When they watch ads, you earn cash. To claim those earnings, you watch all your ads.

Varolo will compensate you for ads viewed by your villagers down to the fourth level. This means that when you refer Bob, and Bob refers Susan, and Susan refers John, and John refers Jessica, all four of these people become part of your village. Bob joins your first level, Susan joins your second level, John joins your third level, and Jessica joins your fourth level.

When Bob (1st level) watches ads, you earn eight percent of the ad view cost, which is paid by the advertiser. You earn six percent of the ad view cost when Susan (2nd level) watches ads, four percent when John (3rd level) watches ads, and two percent when Jessica (4th level) watches ads. Once Varolo formally launches (it is in public beta now), the minimum ad view cost will be one cent, but some ads may cost as much as five cents per ad view.

Fractions of pennies per ad view may not sound like much, and it really isn’t if you only have a few active villagers. To really make it work, you are going to need to build a large active village.

This is not difficult because it’s free to join so there is no risk. Varolo has some great presentations. If you can get your friends to check out Varolo’s introductory presentation and then watch the full presentation, odds are good they will join. Make sure that you share your Varolo custom url found in your profile so they join your village when they register with Varolo.

For more tips on how to grow your village, please visit my web site Watch Ads for Money.

How Varolo Rewards You:  Weekly Jackpots and Points

When you first start out with Varolo, your village will be very small. It takes a while to get the word out to your friends or publish online content to invite people to join Varolo through your custom link.

However, you still get rewarded for watching ads. Each ad you watch gives you one entry into a weekly cash jackpot. The more ads you watch, the more chances you have to win. When you do start getting villagers, you have a chance to win ten percent of the jackpot if they won–another good reason to grow your village.

You also earn points on each ad you watch. These points can be redeemed for gift cards and electronic gadgets like flash drives, DVD players and iPads.

With all the rewards built into the system, your Varolo experience should be a positive one right from the beginning.


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