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A wise investment

Nothing like curling up with a good book on finances.  I’ve read quite a few and gleaned interesting information from each of them.  I’ve also been inspired by many wealth building ideas, none of which I’ve felt I had the funds to actually implement.  It really does take at least a bit of money to make money.

Then the phone rang this past Friday and it was a representative from the company that holds my home mortgage checking up on me.  We had a great conversation and he recommended Missed Fortune 101 by Douglas Andrew.

This book stands out from the others I’ve read.  First I didn’t come away from it wishing I’d known all that at age 20.  It turns out that if I do implement the author’s strategies in the next few years, while I’m in my mid to late thirties, I’ll actually be off to a great start.  Second, I actually do have enough money to get going.  It doesn’t require a ton of extra startup money, just some smart redirecting of existing funds.  Third, you don’t have to do anything beyond the ordinary things most people do–work a job, pay taxes, have a mortgage (and even that is optional), invest a bit on the side.  In other words you don’t need to write a book, buy real estate, or start a business.  You just think differently about the money you already have coming in.

The time I spent reading Missed Fortune 101 has the potential to turn into one of the best financial investments I have ever made.


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Promoting death

Because I am a practicing Catholic and my husband is an Evangelical Christian, we both know people who are firmly in the anti-Harry Potter camp. One friend recently referred me to this article.

I have read and enjoyed the first six Harry Potter books (except for Order of the Phoenix, which I really hated), and I plan to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows once the hype wears off and it’s available for checkout at the library.

The day before Deathly Hallows became available in bookstores, I read this in Fort Collins Public Library‘s announcement of its Harry Potter party:

Along with the traditional popcorn and Butter Beer, there will be a session of Wizard’s School led by Mark the Magician, a costume contest, a trivia contest, and at midnight a reading of the first chapter of the new book. The event is for ages 9 and up and advance registration is required… J.K. Rowling has reported that in this final book, at least one major character dies. There will be a board where participants can post who they think that character will be.

I remember part of the promotion of the fourth book was that a character dies, part of the promotion of the fifth book was that a character dies, part of the promotion of the sixth book was that a character dies. Now, we’re getting excited that a major character dies in the seventh book, and we make a game out of guessing who the unfortunate character is.


I’m finding all this excitement over death in this series to be disturbing. I’m not against killing off characters in a story, but making that a major part of your promotion? Maybe the anti-Harry people have a point.  I know if I allow my children to read the Harry Potter series, they are going to be older than 9 before they start.  A lot older than 9.

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