On writing

It’s high time I wrote a little bit about writing.  After all, I started this blog as a way to showcase myself as a writer.

In the beginning I was thinking children’s books.  It’s still in the back of my mind, but it’s no longer my main priority.  My main vision was to write, and to be able to do it for some amount of compensation.  My husband and I are now in the situation where we need to write to pay the bills.  That will give one a very different perspective on the conventional route to publication that involves sending multiple query letters or manuscripts on spec, waiting for months before getting any sort of reply, piling up the rejection notices, and trying again.  The problem with that scenario is that you can’t send a rejection letter to a utility company, especially when you’ve been using their services.

I learned very quickly that the way to make money at this business is to write not what I want to write, but what other people want me to write.  I don’t mean this is any sort of cynical way.  It’s just one of those life lessons that are best not ignored.  I can still write what I want to write; I just need to make sure I am doing a certain amount of writing for others first.

With that in mind, my freelance writing career is doing quite well considering the time and effort I’ve put into it.  I got regular writing gigs for two local newspapers thanks to the connections of a member of my writer’s group.  I also landed a gig writing for a friend of a friend who has several web sites on topics of interest to me.  I was pretty content with that for a while, but in the past month have strived to increase my client base.

I landed my first national client through Elance, and have completed my first project.  I’m hoping to turn it into repeat projects.  Through another freelance writer, I got introduced to a couple more editors and am looking to see where that goes.  It seems to me the way to get in is through connections.  I haven’t had the greatest success writing editors cold.  Though I haven’t sent out many, query letters and manuscript submissions have been an unmitigated failure.  I’ve gotten the farthest when a writer who already works for an editor recommends me.  Once I’ve gotten in, I’m in.  At this time, I don’t know too many people, so I don’t have too many connections.  But that is slowly increasing.  At some point it will start to snowball.  My attitude right now is to consistently knock on a few doors, then run through the ones that open.  So far it seems to be working.  I’d love it to work faster, but then doesn’t everybody?  At least it’s moving.  It’s better than waiting months and months to hear back on a query letter or manuscript.

Having said all that, my attitude about submitting a manuscript on spec is changing.  For a few months I was adament that I wouldn’t do that.  I’d only write what I’d already sold.  But at the moment I have two publications in mind that I think would like some material I feel I could write fairly quickly.  So, I’m going to go for it and see what happens.  These aren’t big publishers.  They are local magazines.  It’s worth a shot, as long as I’m keeping up with the writing I have sold.

So that’s the quick summary of my writing experience.  Now it’s time to get on with life and with the paid writing 🙂


No, I’m not talking about Obama!

There’s this interesting You Tube video I came across last night that details one of those secret black ops projects (that so many people seem to know about) where giant holographic images of various deities will be projected in the sky across the world.  These images will be accompanied by mind suggestions as to what they mean.  Depending on where you live, what you’ll see will be an image based on the prevalent traditional religion of the area.  So, in a predominantly Christian area, you might see Jesus; in a Muslim area, you might see Mohamed, etc.

The claim is that all the mental suggestions going along with these images will lead people to believe that we’ve all been wrong up to now about God and what He wants, and that what we really are supposed to do is submit to the new One World Religion.

Conspiracy nut stuff?  Maybe, but bear with me for a minute.  Some insiders say we have the technology to pull this sort of thing off.  There certainly are those who would use religion or any means to control the masses.  It may not be in the works as the video claims, but it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility either.  Besides, something like that has been predicted in the Bible (Matthew 24).

I mentioned this to my husband this morning and his comment was:  this is so typical of what arrogant people seeking to control others would come up with.  He went on to say that these power brokers actually believe that religious people would be fooled by that sort of thing.  Many undoubtedly will be.  I’m sure everyone will be initially impressed by the special effects.  But at some point, people who have faithfully practiced their religion for years are going to notice that the implanted voices inside their heads aren’t jiving with the sacred writings they have so long studied, or what they have come to recognize as the voice of God in their hearts.  I can speak to what a Christian might be thinking for that is my religion.  A basic doctrine we have been taught since infancy is that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and by extension, to get to heaven.  It’s simplified, but essentially what we believe.  So, is a faithful Christian going to suddenly do an about-face because he or she saw an image of Jesus in the sky and “heard” him say that He wasn’t the only way after all, in fact, He wasn’t any sort of way?

Perhaps with the right amount of coercion, even the most faithful of Christians may turn.  But I do believe it will be pretty clear to those who want to hold onto their faith that the whole thing will be nothing but a super high-tech hoax.

The people most likely to be deceived, in my opinon, are those who really don’t have a solid faith in anything.  As far as they are concerned, Jesus could say the most outrageous things because they have no idea what Jesus actually did say.  It would take far less than giant holographic images to deceive them.  If you are in that group, you should consider that you may be vulnerable to being controlled in a way you hadn’t anticipated.  You might want to dust off a copy of the Bible, crack it open, and take a look at what it actually says–especially the four Gospels.  You’ll find it’s different than what you might think.  I’m not saying convert to Christianity, or even believe a word of what you read.  Just get a working knowledge of what’s written.  That way, if you happen to bump into some false messiah making this or that claim, you’ll at least be able to know whether or not “he” is contradicting what the real Jesus said in the Gospels.  When you perceive the contradiction, just be wary.

The real danger in getting lead by some special effects into a One World Religion isn’t so much that the new religion would be so bad, although I personally believe it will be horrible.  It’s more that you will have been lead down that path through deception and that the religion itself will be used to control you.  Legitimate religions have for years been used to control and harm people.  An invented religion will be used to the same ends.  Do you really want to risk becoming a part of that?  This is one situation where knowledge may not exactly be power, but it can at least be protection–for a while.  So, educate yourself on what is in the Sacred Scriptures.  And maintain a healthy skepticism no matter what you see.

Wholesome food

Here is a very interesting interview with Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilema and In Defense of Food:  An Eater’s Manifesto that talks about the food production issue.

A couple things stood out to me.  One is the observation that for an increasing number of people, access to high quality food is becoming a real health concern.  Pollan mentions the high rate of diabetes in New York, with one in six people affected.  These people need good food as the readily available processed food will only make them sicker.  I am in that group of people who consider quality food to be paramount to good health, as one of my daughters has a special need and requires certain types of whole foods to keep her healthy.  I currently have access to superb food, but there are times when I feel incredibly vulnerable because if that access were cut off, it would be horribly detrimental to my precious daughter.  I am glad someone like Michael Pollan is publicly talking about this issue because I’m not sure the need for whole foods is always legally or medically recognized as legitimate.

The second thing that stood out is Pollan’s comments about how the organic and whole foods movement has grown incredibly in the last ten years or so with no government support.  His view is “think of how much more it would grow with support.”  My view is that the government’s lack of support is probably the biggest benefit to the movement, and that the government should leave well enough alone and instead focus on ending subsidies to agribusiness.  More and more people are clearly finding alternatives to agribusiness poison despite the government’s massive subsidies.

Anyway, production of high quality food and access to it are important and I’m glad to see more of such food becoming available at reasonable prices.  I have great admiration for growers who offer CSAs, sell at farmers’ markets, and in other ways deal directly with the consumers.  I don’t expect Mr. Obama to add anything positive to this issue and I wish people would quit looking to him as if he might.  But I do believe more people will embrace wholesome food no matter what the government does or doesn’t do to either promote or thwart the effort.

I wasn’t planning to stay up super late following the election results, and it turns out I didn’t have to.  I started checking various web sites as soon as the polls closed in my state, and within a couple hours, Obama racked up over 300 projected electoral votes and McCain congratulated him on his victory.  The fastest concession in the West.

Here’s what we have to look forward to under an Obama presidency, especially one in which the same party also has a majority in the House and Senate.  It ain’t a pretty sight.  Obama’s pick for Chief of Staff isn’t too encouraging either.  This is true for all those Obama worshipers as well.  Don’t think you’ll get off easy just because you voted for him, adored him and called him your messiah.

On the other hand, there is an awakening in America that will turn out to be stronger than the darkness that is poised to envelop us all.  It is called Freedom, and when freedom takes hold in people’s hearts, what can stand against it?  Take a look at the video and you will see that there truly is hope for America, and no, I’m not talking about Obama.

If you voted for Obama, if you supported him during his campaign, don’t be shy about joining the peaceful movement for Freedom.  It won’t be long before you find out that the “change you can believe in” is something you could never support, the “hope for America” has turned to despair, and your so-called messiah has turned out to be an antichrist.  These things happen; people make mistakes, and in any case, the election was rigged.  The important thing is to work to preserve our country’s freedom, our country’s sovereignty, and to return our country to true Constitutional government and sound money.  Obama will be a huge obstacle to these goals, but McCain would have been as well, Bush definitely was (if it hadn’t been for actions taken by Bush, Obama wouldn’t be such a frightening prospect), and leaders before Bush have been obstacles as well. 

The other thing to remember is that Obama is not president until the electors cast their votes on December 15 and those votes are counted on January 6.  There is a lot brewing and there could be some surprises between now and then.  Obama too has obstacles in his path.  He may skate by; those set on destroying our nation have already paved the way.  On the other hand, miracles still happen.  What I do know is that there will be no time for a huge sigh of relief and going back to your regular life with your head in the sand.  The price of freedom is constant vigilance, and we all need to be vigilant.  This would be true even if the absolute best, highest quality candidate became president.  It’s especially true now that it’s looking like what we’ll get instead is the bottom of the heap in terms of quality and principle.  I researched each third party candidate on the Colorado ballot and believe me, they are all head and shoulders–no, a full body length–above Obama.  We couldn’t have gotten a worse candidate to be president if we’d tried.  And, as the long list of election fraud shows, we’ll never know who our real choice was.

But if we get working on the cause of freedom starting now, we can and will get back to the point where our vote will count, where we will have real choices in the candidates running, and where once again our government will be limited to the powers specifically granted it by the Constitution.  Evil is strong, but good is even stronger.  We the People under God can be the greatest obstacle in the path of evil if we so choose.

What if it’s Obama?

While it’s been a couple days since I’ve listened to the talk shows, I am positive the fear of Obama winning this election is still palpable among those opposed to him.  Some of the stuff he says sure sounds scary to me too, and I’m not particularly looking forward to waking up Wednesday morning to the prospects of an Obama presidency. 

I’ve learned that the best way to face up to fear is to imagine the worst possible situation and come up with an initial plan for dealing with it.  If an Obama presidency is that worst case scenario–and it is for many–than that’s what we need to be talking about.

I recently got a rather lengthy “prophecy” through email about how the American people are on the verge of electing the most ungodly president in history and how that was an awful thing.  I definitely would prefer a God-fearing man or woman in the White House.  But after reading the email, I couldn’t help but be hit over the head with the fact that there is one reason why an ungodly president is such a frightening prospect.  The reason is because now the president has way more power than he’s ever had and way more power than the Constitution gave him.  The Founding Fathers understood that people are fallible, even at times downright evil, and they wanted to protect the nation from being taken down by such a person.  So they instituted the system of limited government with checks and balances.  Were the Constitution being followed today, it would still be problematic that someone as extreme as Obama was a serious contender, but the damage he could do would be limited.  Now, I think a huge part of the fear of an Obama presidency is that we really don’t know just how far he’ll be able to go.  There’s a sense that once he’s elected, we’re going to be turning him loose with all this power and few limits.  A Godly president might handle that situation just fine, at least for a time, but someone like Obama?  Who knows what he’s going to do?  His statements and his record aren’t all that encouraging–he comes across as the type who’ll stop at nothing to get his way.

There’s also the issue of his citizenship.  We’ve beaten the birth certificate issue to death here, and it’s clear that no one in government who might have any remote responsibility with verifying this has any interest in doing the right thing.  But beyond that, there’s the whole Indonesia side and the very real question of whether Obama attending school in Indonesia meant that his American citizenship was renounced as it would have had to have been for anyone else attending school at the time.  We are facing the prospect of having a president who is not even an American citizen, and for some strange reason, the people who should care don’t want to be bothered.  Court after court throws the case out, basically saying regular citizens have no right to question a candidate’s right to be on the ballot.  It turns out it’s not really the states’ jobs to verify the eligibility of the candidate, and the party running a candidate is apparently under no obligation to properly vet that candidate either.  And the voters have nothing to say on the matter.  More suits are being planned, and this no doubt will continue well after tomorrow.

But it’s looking more and more likely that Obama will skate right through all the court mess and get innaugurated as our president, citizen or not, and if we don’t like it, well that’s just too darn bad.

What we have going on right now is a major Constitutional crisis.  The Constitution has been steadily eroded for years and this election could deal it another serious blow–this one could even be fatal.  It is important to realize that the reasons for this crisis are true regardless of who wins the election tomorrow.  McCain as president will have lots of unconstitutional powers just like Obama will.  McCain does seem to be a more decent person than Obama, so if he wins, the people who voted for him will figure they have reprieve from any serious problems for the next four years again.  Then when the next presidential election rolls around, there will be the same kind of fear there is now because what if the really evil guy (who will certainly be even worse than Obama) wins?  This is a very insecure position to be in.  I would much rather we went back to a governmental system where it would be embarrassing if a bad president got in, but not damaging.  We could all survive four years of bad Obama jokes, but can we survive four years of bad Obama policy?  With all the extra powers he’ll get as president, we really don’t know.

Given that we have good reason to worry, here is a reason that we should relax about the election outcome, at least for a few days.  My own study has convinced me that there is a shadow government and a secret agenda at work in this country.  The shadow government consists of the powerful financiers who use their great wealth to manipulate political events to benefit them.  The agenda is to bring the whole world into a one world government where they get to be kings and the rest of us get to be serfs or prisoners.  These people use their power to manipulate nations (including ours) into getting involved in wars.  They use their power to engineer financial crises such as the one we are currently in.  They use their power to make sure they stay in power and that only their own handpicked people get to be leaders.  They rig and manipulate our elections.  For those who want to verify what I just said, ample information can be found at such web sites as Freedom Force, InfoWars, Prison Planet, and News with Views, to name but a few.

With that in mind, it is my belief that this current election has been rigged and the winner has been decided months ago by the shadow government.  I very much believe in voting and I did vote, but I’m under no illusion that my vote actually means anything to anyone but me.  Here is a partial list of the numerous vote fraud incidents covering everything from registration fraud to outright hacking of the voting machines.  Without actually reading a single article listed, you should get a good sense of the magnitude of the problem just by the miniscule size of the scroll bar.  Even if it’s all just random fraud, there is enough of it to distort the actual poll results to the point where we have no way of knowing what the will of the people truly is.  I happen to believe underneath all that fraud is a plan to rig the elections to yield a certain outcome.

I can think of three possible scenarios for a rigged election.  1.  McCain is the pick and Obama is the useful idiot running against him, meaning that no matter how people vote and no matter what the newspaper polls say, McCain is going to win this election.  2.  Obama is the pick and McCain is the useful idiot running against him, and Obama will win no matter how people vote.  3.  Both Obama and McCain are good Globalist team players and it honestly doesn’t matter to the power brokers which one it is as long as it’s one of the two, meaning that the voters will have some say in the outcome by how they vote but that say is going to be diluted by the evident fraud that is still present and it wasn’t a real choice anyway.  Since the election has already been decided, it’s going to play out according to plan and while you should definitely vote on the principle of the matter, there’s no use in worrying about the outcome.

So what should we do if that outcome is Obama?  Well, I would say the same things you should do if the outcome happens to be McCain.  The issues that got our country to this critical point are true no matter which of the two it is.  We need to work hard to take back the power we have through our vote.  We need to do our part to end the massive fraud going on.  My suggestion is to persuade all counties and states to go back to paper ballots where real people count each and every ballot under the watchful eyes of whoever wants to be there for the count.  I don’t have a problem with scanning ballots to get initial results, but the results aren’t official until the ballots are handcounted, preferably more than once.  The other thing we need to focus our efforts on is restoring the rule of the Constitution.  We need to hold our elected officials accountable to evaluating legislation based on its constitutionality.  If it’s not permitted by the Constitution, they need to vote no on it no matter how good the intentions behind the legislation are.  We need to educate ourselves on the Constitution, what it says, what it means, and what the Founding Fathers intended.  Apparently, James Madison took notes of the various meetings where people were discussing the wording of the Constitution.  Any doubts as to the intent of a particular passage can be found in those notes.  We need to work hard to educate our fellow citizens about the Constitution and what a government that operates within its Constitutional limits would look like.  These are some foundational issues which need to be addressed quickly if our country is to survive as a sovereign nation and if we will continue as a free people.  The beauty of these issues is that because they are so basic, they are hardly partisan, and people can accept that they are important no matter who they voted for.  So, anyone who is aware that our country needs to go back to basics can help the cause.

Once we have our vote back and everything unconstitutional is eliminated, we will be well on our way to resolving the myriad other issues that plague us and which the politicians harp on but can’t seem to find solutions for.  The solutions are actually in our hands and we need to implement them.  The things that are broken about our nation are broken no matter who wins the sham election tomorrow.  For this reason, it’s time to quit worrying about who will win and get to work with what we can do.  Although wresting control of our nation and our destiny from the Globalists is not going to be easy, especially since they are so close to achieving their goals, it is still possible.  After this election, I am going to take a bit of a breather from politics while I contemplate where I can best use my talents to help in the cause of freedom.  Then I will get started on my part.  I would encourage you to do the same.  When you’re ready, check out both Freedom Force and Campaign for Liberty to get ideas and contacts to help you get started.

We can take this country back if we all do our part… even if it is Obama.

Fall backwards

I hate when this happens:  I stay up too late on the eve of the fall clock change, and wake up in the dark to attend an early Mass, only to realize that I could have slept an extra hour as the Mass starts an hour later.  Luckily I’ll just feel the effects of sleeping in tomorrow instead.

I’m not sure how effective the changes made to daylight savings time by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 have been in actually saving energy.  I don’t see how changing the clocks makes much difference in the end, and it probably cost lots of money to study and implement the proposed changes.  But there are two things I’m grateful for concerning the change.

On Friday evening, my husband and I took our daughters trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.  Not only was it a pleasant, balmy evening, but it was light!  Ever since I’ve had a child–and my oldest daughter’s first trick-or-treating adventure occurred when she was still newborn–I’ve noticed that the fall backwards time occurred the Sunday before Halloween and that never made sense to me.  It assured that all the fairies, princesses, animals, ghosts, Harry Potter characters, and sometimes presidential candidates would all be walking the streets in pictch dark and in most places, freezing.  Finally, someone got smart and postponed the time change by a week, and the streets of our small town were filled with happy and warm trick-or-treaters making their rounds.  We ventured a little farther than usual, so it was dark by the time we returned home, but it certainly didn’t start off that way.

The other thing I’m thankful for is that the fall time period is shorter.  If I could have it my way I’d just leave the clocks on daylight savings time all year because I’d much rather wake up in the dark than be driving home from work at 5pm in the dark.  I would prefer to preserve my daylight hours in the evening.  However, no one ever consults with  me on these decisions.  Still, at least they shortened the evening dark time by several weeks.

In this tense time before the election you have to count your blessings, right?  This year, if you vote after work, you’ll still be voting in the dark, but at least you got to take your kids out trick-or-treating while it was still light.

This article by Devvy Kidd explains the latest twists and turns in Berg’s lawsuit against Obama.  It also mentions lawsuits in several other states where someone is demanding someone else produce an authentic copy of Obama’s birth certificate.  As I mentioned yesterday, the claim that Obama isn’t a US citizen may in the end be shown to be “complete, unmitigated hooey.”  However, the process of figuring this out is important because it concerns a man running for president who many people have expressed reasonable doubt about his US citizenship–reasonable enough to be filing lawsuits.  What does this say about the state of our nation when there’s even a remote possibility that a major presidential candidate is on the ballot illegally?  What does it tell you when the law in question is a Constitutional law?

Kidd brings up another interesting little tidbit in her article.  Her previous column mentions a fund that McCain set up at the end of February 2008 called the McCain-Palin Compliance Fund.  Remember all the soul searching that supposedly went on in August about who McCain was going to pick as his Vice President?  It appears he knew he was going to pick Palin way back in February.  Why lie about something like that?  And given that, why should I trust McCain to speak the truth about anything else, including how he intends to treat the abortion issue, something that has long been dear to my heart?

Kidd mentions a little research she did about the McCain-Palin Compliance Fund and it turns out the Registered Agent for the Fund is The Corporation Trust Company, whose registered agent is Sidley-Austin, LLP, a company that employed Michelle Obama at one time, and apparently has other dealings with Barack Obama.  I honestly do not know how significant this connection might be, but it’s interesting.  Is it another indication that the Republican and Democrat parties are more similar in agendas than we’re lead to believe?  Or is it just some random fluke that Obama and McCain have both used the services of the same, perhaps very large, company?  Is that even allowed, given that McCain and Obama are supposedly opposed to each other?  Maybe it’s a sign of monopolism, which in and of itself is a matter of concern.

Here’s the situation as I see it.  In this last week before the election, the pro McCain talk show hosts are in a panic.  It’s looking like Obama has the election zipped up and boy is he a scary character.  My gosh, he’s going to start socialism in America!  My thought is where have these talk show hosts been for the past seventy years–we’ve had socialism in this country since FDR’s New Deal!  And what did they think the bailout bill was all about?  But anyway, they’re worried.  Still, no one is talking about the reason Obama as president could have all this power to wreak the kind of havoc he’s going to wreak, which is that over the past eight years, Bush curtailed a lot of our Constitutional Rights and wrote himself and his successors a whole boatload of new power.  So now, Obama will have a much easier time ruining the country thanks to Bush, and to be fair, several of Bush’s predecessors.

But anyway, people are panicking about the possibility of an Obama presidency.  The main issue that gets air time these days is Obama’s plans to redistribute wealth.  But another issue that makes an Obama presidency scary is abortion.  Where previous presidents have favored some restraint on abortion, such as parental consent laws and limitations on visible funding to organizations that provide abortions, Obama promises to get rid of all such limitations.  Not only that, as president he could appoint up to five Supreme Court Justices, therefore reversing the previous slow and steady trend of getting Justices who have leaned more to the pro-life side.  Given the right numbers, I suppose there’s a chance the Supreme Court might even reverse Roe v. Wade.  But we can forget it with an Obama presidency.

Naturally, many pro-lifers are strongly behind McCain and want everyone to vote for him.  This is where it gets interesting.  Right now, there is a presidential candidate running who is clearly more pro-life than McCain.  Here is what Chuck Baldwin writes on his campaign site

The pre-born child, whose life begins at fertilization, is a human being created in God’s image. The first duty of the law is to prevent the shedding of innocent blood. It is, therefore, the duty of all civil governments, and that certainly includes the office of the President of the United States, to secure and to safeguard the lives of the pre-born. I affirm the God-given legal person hood of all unborn human beings, without exception.

In addition to guaranteeing the legal person hood of the unborn, Ron Paul’s Sanctity of Life Act, which I wholeheartedly support, would strip the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in all cases of abortion in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 2. This would mean that Roe v. Wade would immediately pass away as any legal authority on this issue. There would be no need to worry about putting a Supreme Court on the bench that might eventually make the right decision on this issue. We can, therefore, end legal abortion immediately upon enactment of the Sanctity of Life Act.

Republicans tout themselves as being “pro-life.” Yet, the GOP controlled both houses of Congress and the White House for six years and did absolutely nothing to overturn Roe or end abortion-on-demand. If the Republicans were really serious about being pro-life the could have already ended legal abortion in America. Obviously the Republican Party and most GOP politicians are not serious about ending abortion, but are, regrettably, simply content to perpetuate the issue to manipulate pro-life voters.

Under my administration, we could end legal abortion in a matter of days, not decades. And if Congress refuses to pass Dr. Paul’s bill, I will use the constitutional power of the Presidency to deny funds to protect abortion clinics. Either way, legalized abortion ends when I take office.

Baldwin has two separate strategies for either legislatively taking abortion out of the hands of the Supreme Court, something I didn’t know could be done until he mentioned it, or getting rid of it by starving the industry itself.  In any case, he claims legalized abortion can end within days of him taking office.  If he manages to do that in the first six months of his administration, I and millions of pro-lifers across the country, will be ecstatic.  Because I am deeply pro-life, I preferred to vote for Chuck Baldwin over John McCain.  McCain has voted favorably on much legislation concerning abortion and I don’t doubt he’d continue; however, he is not as strongly pro-life as Baldwin.  There were many other reasons why I cast my vote for Baldwin this election but his strong pro-life stance was huge for me.

And because I chose to vote for the more pro-life candidate, I and others in my position have been told we’re wasting our votes.  Why?  Because there is no way Baldwin can win, and since without Baldwin I might have been inclined to vote for McCain, my vote for Baldwin essentially went over to Obama–Obama the extreme pro-abortionist.  So by voting for the most pro-life candidate running, I just voted in favor of killing more innocent babies.  No doubt this should be a huge pain on my conscience.

Is anyone else realizing how screwed up this all is?  For the sake of the unborn babies who will be killed in the near future, I’m enjoyned to vote for someone who is less strongly pro-life, who clearly lied about when he chose his vice-presidential nominee, who might have some shady connections with Obama, who certainly isn’t leading the way to make sure the Constitution is honored in who gets to stay on the presidential ballot and other matters, who I know to be part of the movement towards one world government (didn’t he say something about us being entangled in Iraq for the next hundred years?), and who will not lead the country in sound money practices (he voted for that ridiculous bailout) just so that I can vote against the socialist, extreme pro-abortion, terrorist-consorting whack job who quite possibly shouldn’t even be on the ballot anyway, and hold onto the far-off hope that maybe McCain will appoint Supreme Court Justices who will turn out to be more pro-life than Reagan appointee Sandra Day O’Connor was, that maybe these hopefully pro-life Justices will decide to re-hear Roe v. Wade, that maybe they’ll actually rule to overturn it, and that somehow McCain won’t be corrupted by all that extra power he’ll get thanks to Bush, that maybe he’ll at least be a benevolent dictator just because under the current, extremely corrupt two-party system, McCain can win and Baldwin can’t.

Someone explain to me again why I’m supposed to vote for McCain.  Actually, don’t bother because I already mailed in my ballot.  The truth is that when it comes to abortion, the only way to end it is incrementally.  I and many others would love it to be all over and done with tomorrow, but that’s not reasonable.  Voting on the basis of who’s going to nominate more pro-life Supreme Court Justices, and gradually accumulate enough such Justices to get a fair shot at overturning Roe v. Wade is one form of pro-life incrementalism and it’s a valid one.  I happen to think it won’t work only because it hasn’t worked for a long time and I want to try something different, but it’s still a valid approach.  The pro-life incrementalism I’m going to go with is to vote for and promote a candidate who given the chance will bypass the whole Surpreme Court route and use the law and money to get rid of abortion, as well as address head-on many of the problems that contribute to abortion in the first place, including the bloated and unconstitutional power of the Supreme Court.  Granted, this year this candidate has a slim chance, but I figure that any votes he does take this year will build a foundation for votes he or another comparable candidate can take next election, and that in a few election cycles, there may be a possibility of such a candidate actually winning, especially with the growth of such movements as Freedom Force and Campaign for Liberty.

I think my form of incrementalism has a much better chance of succeeding.  The main reason is that it has become pretty obvious to me that the Republican party has little interest in the abortion issue other than as a way to manipulate pro-life voters to vote for them.  Republicans will vote in favor of limiting abortion just to keep the pro-lifers voting for them.  However, the people actually running government, the ones bringing us to the New World Order through their manufactured economic crises, their secret deals with Mexico, Canada and Europe, their steady establishment of millitarized police to declare martial law and stepping up of citizen surveillance and erosion of Constitutional Rights, not the least of which right now is foisting a possible non-citizen president on us without even looking into it, know full-well that once they get sufficient power, all that legislation limiting abortion will go right out the window, and what they’ll do with it will make Obama look like Mother Teresa.  So sure they’ll limit abortion for the time being.  They know it buys them votes and power and it won’t be that way forever.  They’re just done buying my vote.

For what it’s worth, my prediction is that McCain is going to squeeze out a victory this election.  The result will be that there will be massive rioting attributed to disenfranchised Obama voters.  There will be enough evidence of voter fraud to make them believe that McCain stole the election.  As I write, I’m sure Rent-a-Mobs are being stationed in major cities across the US and they will start their mayhem on cue.  At the same time, the people who screw with our economy–apparently there are thirteen of them–will orchestrate a major stock market drop or some other financial crisis–they wouldn’t need to, just the fear of Obama winning has set the stock market back–and maybe a terrorist act will be staged to boot.  Then good ole cowboy Bush will step forward and declare martial law to deal with all the mayhem.  He’s been chomping on the bit to do this for a long time and his presidency is about to end.  And when everything settles down, McCain will simply not bother to undeclare martial law and we’ll all learn what a totalitarian government really looks like, even without Obama.  And if there are elections next time around, Chuck Baldwin will have a fighting chance at winning. 

I just want in on the ground floor.