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Radio and Internet talk show host Alex Jones claims in this video that his YouTube account was hacked and the perpetrator used Jones’ password to delete The Obama Deception, Fall of the Republic and several other documentary films.  Jones says within minutes of the hacker beginning his work, people wanting to watch the film notified his webmaster that it was down.    According to Jones, the webmaster contacted someone at YouTube, who immediately left a barbecue and was able to watch the hacker using Jones’ password to delete several documentaries.  Jones is calling for YouTube to conduct an investigation into this illegal hack.  He suspects it was an inside job.  He also says that with the latest round of legislation on so-called cybersecurity, the Obama administration is openly stating they will proactively go after web sites they deem offensive.  Jones said a Facebook page he was using as well as numerous other blogs on the Internet have been deleted.  Censorship is here and now.

At the end of the video, Jones urges all viewers to enter “Obama deception” into the Google search engine once a day.  Keyword “Obama deception censored” has been the number one search term on Google all day today.  Jones says that until his film The Obama Deception was taken down its YouTube link came up as the top site whenever the words “President Barack Obama” and several related keywords were entered.  This is solid evidence not only of the incredible influence Jones has, but of the fact that growing numbers of people are waking up to what Obama is truly up to.  There is actually a lot of speculation as to Obama’s true agenda but more and more people are suspecting he has one besides the promises of hope and change he campaigned on.

In Jones’ documentaries Endgame, The Obama Deception, and Fall of the Republic, he boldly claims that there is a small group of Satanist world elites who actually run things from inside their powerful secret societies.  They control Obama and have him in place to further their agenda.  The agenda seems to involve impoverishing and eliminating most people and claiming all the power and remaining resources for themselves.  They accomplish this by manipulating the world financial structures to cause economic crises, tightening their grip on world food production while decreasing the quality of the food, and deliberately releasing massive amounts of toxic chemicals into the environment (the BP fiasco is starting to look more and more like “they” actually want major environmental destruction).  At first glance it sounds like some nutty conspiracy theory.  What kind of sick people would actually want to eliminate 80 percent of the world’s population?  Since most people are good people just trying to get by, few can comprehend the level of evil someone would have to wallow in to even consider committing such atrocity.

Jones is not the only one making those claims.  Many intelligent and articulate people have said or written similar things, including G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island and Founder of Freedom Force International.  There’s also former Nebraka Senator John DeCamp, who authored the book The Franklin Cover-Up, a disturbing account of a corrupt credit union whose leaders were also involved in severe child abuse.  The book names no less than fourteen people who died suspiciously while either investigating or opposing said activities.  Dr. Carroll Quigley, who former President Bill Clinton publicly admired as a mentor, authored a comprehensive volume called Tragedy and Hope:  A History of the World in our Time detailing the existence and activities of the secret societies and how they impacted world affairs.  Dr. Quigley was not opposed to the activities of the secret societies, though he indicated it was unfortunate that they operated with such secrecy.

More people are willing to give this viewpoint a chance, as in all honesty it is very difficult to judge many of the moves of our government in the last thirty plus years as being motivated by the citizens’ best interest or sheer incompetence.  Enough that Jones’ critical film of Obama trumped Obama’s own website in Google.  Enough that someone with access to Jones’ YouTube password felt it was important to take the film down.  Someone is threatened by the popularity of Jones’ documentary films.

The films make crazy enough claims that if there weren’t some truth to them, they would be largely ignored, even by those being accused.  Anyone who’s been in politics knows there’s always going to be someone making nutty accusations.  Jones’ films are not being ignored, and there is more and more talk about Internet censorship.  Joe Lieberman has said he would like to see the US adopt some of China’s policies on Internet control.  Legislation gradually limiting what can be said on the Internet is being rammed down our throats.  Why?

While you’re pondering this, you can still watch both The Obama Deception and Fall of the Republic on YouTube.  Jones has encouraged people to replicate his films, so it would be a daunting project to eliminate them completely from circulation.


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